How It Works

Affiliate Recruiter
Building Online Affiliate Partnerships!

As a web site owner, you could be turning your traffic into revenue by promoting relevant products or services to your web sites audience.

Become a Paid On Results affiliate and promote products and services for companies (known as merchants) operating on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is a "paid for results" opportunity. Merchants invite web site owners (affiliates) to partner with them by providing text links and banners that can be placed on the affiliate's web site.

Anytime you send one of your users over to a merchant and that user goes on to sign-up, buy or do some other action defined by the merchant, you will then be paid commission.

For your assistance here is a summarised version of some of the key benefits of our service -

  • Free to join.
  • Receive 1 cheque for all commissions earned.
  • Open Policy, we list information and feedback for your pending sales.
  • Many available merchants with residual commission opportunities.
  • Access to advanced tracking features to ensure you are getting good ROI.
  • You're paid monthly, on time around 6 weeks after the end of the month that the commission been earned in.
  • Team up with as many merchants as you like.
  • No exclusivity required.

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